Meet Audrey

A Georgia native and world traveler, Audrey Allman is an artist and craftsman specializing in fine and demi-fine handmade jewelry inspired by her travels and her southern roots. Each piece is uniquely designed and made with superior authentic materials. Audrey’s designs are timeless with an effortless sophistication and intentionally created to be worn either individually or bundled. My goal is to help you feel put together, confident and stylish and to get out the door quickly!

Following the tragic loss of my sister and best friend, I discovered comfort in jewelry making a year later. To navigate through the grief, I sought professional counseling which advised finding a creative outlet. Being a college student in UGA's art education program, I decided to explore jewelry making as a way to honor my sister's memory and occupy my time constructively. Drawing inspiration from my love for travel, I have dedicated 21 years to creating small-batch, unique jewelry, always considering what my sister would have cherished. This therapeutic hobby gradually became my passion, allowing me to connect with individuals from all over who share my love for beautiful jewelry. My work fills me with joy and keeps me grounded!

Meet Anne

Anne is my right-hand woman! She's also a close friend and neighbor. We stroll our pups after school dropoff and then dive into our hustle in my basement studio. I couldn't make all this happen for y'all without her, she keeps me sane!


Adam, my biggest fan, is the best husband and father to our 3 kids. He challenges me to be a better person every day. He supports this small business of mine knowing that it is my passion. We have been best friends since we were 16!


Bella is my studio buddy. She is always by my side and loves hanging out in the studio in the midst of our giant mess. She is the most loyal and loving dog.

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